Complain the fate

If you are complaining about fate,we must remember.fate is an excuse for losers; luck is the modesty of winners.


The power of faith

There is a power to make the short summer of life sing all summer, only to create the first glory in life; There is a power to let ordinary silkworm chrysalis break free from the cocoon of the shackles, only for the beginning of life in the first flight; There is a power to make the great stones at the beginning of a green grass for the first ray of sunshine in life.This is the power of faith.

Sticking to faith is a struggle and a pursuit. Every day we fantasize that faith can easily become a reality, but daydreaming will never become a reality. Many people have their own rich beliefs in life. But they do not create a brilliant life, but step by step into the deep valley of haze, because faith does not need fantasy, but also need dream. Only by their own real struggle, faith will step by step towards reality. Only by their own constant pursuit, faith will be little by little to brilliant.