Ceramic mosaic.

Ceramic mosaic is a relatively ancient craft, the traditional mosaic. Ceramic mosaic, in the other dazzling array of generous tiles, its delicate posture. Some ceramic mosaics are polished and irregularly formed, creating the erosion of the years to shape a sense of history and nature. These mosaics retain the simplicity and weight of pottery. The bright spot lies in its profound cultural connotations. Designers generally like to design ceramic mosaics as bathroom owners Ceramic mosaic.

The waist line of the tile wall on the wall, because today’s ceramic mosaic burns out the color is richer, with each kind of color collocation collocation collages the pattern, may inlay on the wall to make the picture. Covered in the floor can play the role of carpet decoration. Ceramic mosaic to give people the feeling is more noble and elegant, antique effect is very good. Bathroom suitable for classical style. Ceramic mosaics have different quality requirements for products used in different occasions