Never Give Up Hope



Look for the beauty around you–in nature, in others, in yourself–and believe in the love of friends, family, and humankind. You can find love in a smile or a helping hand, in a thoughtful gesture or a kind word. It is all around, if you just look for it.

Give love, for in giving it you will find the power in life along with the joy, happiness, patience and understanding. Believe in the goodness of others and remember that anger and depression can be countered by love and hope.

Even when you feel as though there isn’t a lot you can do to change unhappiness or problems, you can always do a little–and a little at a time eventually makes a big difference.

This is Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax. Hope is always available to us. When we feel defeated, we need only take a deep breath and say, “Yes,” and hope will reappear.


Popular element

” marble tile “

Marble has always been a grade in the world of home decoration, taste and even a symbol of wealth, in recent years is more popular. But in fact, natural marble itself has a large color difference, many defects, easy to seepage, difficult to manage and other defects; More importantly, with its high price, if the entire bathroom, it is financially prohibitive.


Fortunately, we have a perfect substitute-marble tile.Substitute-Marble tile not only has a realistic texture of natural marble, but also has excellent physical properties such as waterproofing, smoothness, flexural strength and so on.


White or light gray marble tiles are most popular not only to make the bathroom look spacious , but also easier to clean .


Polished black, chrome, gold, silver, and other hard materials, such as glass, match marble tiles best. You can keep only one element of white and bring minimalism to the extreme. Of course, Marble tiles are just a material, they can come in a variety of colors, patterns, sizes and even shapes. Block tiles are relatively noble, while special-shaped tiles have an unexpected, lively, witty feel. But it’s worth noting, The average person has a “big brick” mentality that ignores the actual size of the room. In fact, for a single apartment bathroom, large brick collage is no better than a small block of brick.


At the same time, when selecting and buying marble tiles, we should not only judge from the appearance, but also the water absorption is an important basis to measure the quality of the tiles-pour water into the back of the tile, the water seepage is slower, the relative water absorption is lower. Such tiles do not absorb water and dirt easily and are easier to clean.

“imitated wood tile”

Want a shower that looks unusually warm? Even looking as warm as a Nordic sauna?


It’s not a smart idea to cover your bathroom with solid wood veneers-it’s neither damp nor expensive. Try imitating wooden tiles! Wood texture is realistic, tactile feeling is real, economy is reasonable and easy to take care of it.



The wooden tile, which was used as a replacement for wood flooring in the early days, now works surprisingly well on bathroom walls.
Because of the innumerable advantages of imitating wood tile, such as moisture resistance, antifouling, insect moth resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, fire resistance, warping resistance, anti-deformation, ultra-low water absorption rate, no discoloration and so on, they are not directly used in the shower.


Polygonal tile


Want the bathroom as a whole to jump? You can try polygonal tiles with strong geometric beauty. Whether they are quadrilateral, hexagonal or even star-shaped, simple and neat shapes make them work in the bathroom.


Quadrilateral small brick wall mosaic, white on the basement of local jump ginger, grey and black, the whole atmosphere of both lively and elegant. The same color, can also use small hexagon brick. Compared with quadrilateral, hexagonal tiles appear more delicate fruity, fashionable feeling stronger. And the earlier mentioned wood floor tiles with mosaic from the wall, a natural transition to the ground, as the boundary between the two. Ablation can also be combined with the two elements to mosaic, the secret is similar with good color; at the same time, one of the use of solid elements, avoid too complicated.


Of course, can also make a bolder color attempt, unique pop art effect.


Penny Tile

In the tile world, a pennies called “Penny Tile” have made a comeback.
A century-old tile similar to a small coin, it is now reactivated on the home stage, often in kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms.
The basic motif can be roughly divided into circular and hexagonal.


Pennies are amazing materials that make your walls look rich and uncluttered, with a unique charm and personality.


The pennies in the bathroom can effectively increase the visual attraction and temperature of the room. The gray and blue walls are thick and warm against the backdrop of a large white sanitary ware. Form spatial visual focus. Or select a detail, with other forms of tile to play a sophisticated decorative role.



If all wall has to be laid, choose the elegant color as far as possible, and be similar to the surrounding main color, so as to reduce the dense feeling. Or you can use bold colors to form a large surface geometric pattern based on the whole space.

“Fishtail brick”

It’seems that all the fish-related decorations are suitable for the bathroom. After all, it is easy to think of water and the sea.


It’s perfect to have a bathroom tile that looks like a fishtail and a wave of water. The sun shines with a flickering rainbow reflection, minute by minute brimming with a dreamy feeling. To avoid being too pompous, For the first time, you can choose a more elegant color.


High brightness, low saturation color is a good choice; with chrome and gold metal components, with a sophisticated and luxurious ingenious match. Ink black without pearlescent style, it is particularly low-key and elegant.


And about the choice of color and style,You can really have too much.


Does everybody have more understanding to sanitary ware ceramic tile variety? I would also like to remind you here that wall tiles occupy a larger area than floor tiles, and are more difficult to replace. The trend of wind is changing every year, meaning that if you get tired of seeing the tiles in your home, you want to redesign and renovate them. The wisest choice is to make wall tiles as simple as possible, mainly monochrome or simple, and always use materials that have low water absorption and good quality. Bold or special designs can be placed on floor tiles, even if you want to change your style next time. It’s also relatively simpler and more economical.


Popular element

The bathroom is probably the most comfortable and warm place in every family except the bedroom.
A bath, a humming song, faded away from the exhaustion after a busy day’s work. Such an important place, you will all attach great importance to it, and try hard to make it look like a satisfactory one hundred.


The bathroom tile has the most important proportion in the bathroom decoration-the style of the wall and floor tile directly determines the bathroom style; at the same time, it is also the most expensive project.

Subway brick


Yes, just as literally, this very popular ceramic tile style was first used in underground rail.After the first appearance of the subway brick, people began to use it on various indoor walls: bathrooms, kitchens, butcher shops and any place that people want to be particularly clean. This century-old decoration technique has long been a classic.



Subway brick has good waterproof effect, simple, fresh and easy to clean.At the same time, the surface of the enamel also has its own reflective effect, the internal space is instantly brightened several degrees.White subway brick is the most classic and often used style.With a polished black metal frame, as well as bronze decorative components, it is easy to create a strong retro style.


Of course, there are other colors available, water blue, deep indigo are easy to match. Although not as effective as white subway brick to increase spatial brightness, but jump color and white wall matching, the same personality.


When purchasing subway tiles (in fact, for any type of tile), be sure to consider their wear resistance and dirt resistance.
First, the thicker glaze tile has better skid resistance. In addition, the thickness of the glaze layer on the surface of the tile directly determines its viscerity-if the glaze layer is not thick enough, it is easy to hide dirt on the tile surface after the thin glaze layer has been polished. It is extremely difficult to clean. Some unglazed floor tiles should not be laid in a wet and closed environment, because the blowhole on the brick will absorb a large amount of water vapor and can not spread, resulting in mold.