Popular element

The bathroom is probably the most comfortable and warm place in every family except the bedroom.
A bath, a humming song, faded away from the exhaustion after a busy day’s work. Such an important place, you will all attach great importance to it, and try hard to make it look like a satisfactory one hundred.


The bathroom tile has the most important proportion in the bathroom decoration-the style of the wall and floor tile directly determines the bathroom style; at the same time, it is also the most expensive project.

Subway brick


Yes, just as literally, this very popular ceramic tile style was first used in underground rail.After the first appearance of the subway brick, people began to use it on various indoor walls: bathrooms, kitchens, butcher shops and any place that people want to be particularly clean. This century-old decoration technique has long been a classic.



Subway brick has good waterproof effect, simple, fresh and easy to clean.At the same time, the surface of the enamel also has its own reflective effect, the internal space is instantly brightened several degrees.White subway brick is the most classic and often used style.With a polished black metal frame, as well as bronze decorative components, it is easy to create a strong retro style.


Of course, there are other colors available, water blue, deep indigo are easy to match. Although not as effective as white subway brick to increase spatial brightness, but jump color and white wall matching, the same personality.


When purchasing subway tiles (in fact, for any type of tile), be sure to consider their wear resistance and dirt resistance.
First, the thicker glaze tile has better skid resistance. In addition, the thickness of the glaze layer on the surface of the tile directly determines its viscerity-if the glaze layer is not thick enough, it is easy to hide dirt on the tile surface after the thin glaze layer has been polished. It is extremely difficult to clean. Some unglazed floor tiles should not be laid in a wet and closed environment, because the blowhole on the brick will absorb a large amount of water vapor and can not spread, resulting in mold.