Xuri Ceramics Co.,LTD


Xuri Ceramics Co., Ltd. locates in Doumen District of Zhuhai City. Established in 1999, it is the world’s biggest and most powerful external wall tile manufacture enterprise. The company imported complete sets of Japanese and Italian advanced equipments, using excellent production management, scientific formula and work craft, professional in manufacturing “White Rabbit” Brand external wall tile. The enterprise includes Zhuhai Doumen Xuri Ceramics Co., Ltd., Zhuhai White Rabbit Ceramics Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Xuri Ceramics Co., Ltd. and Hunan Xuri Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Total investment of the company is over 1.3 billion RMB, covering an area of over 1.5 million sqm, owning 28 automatic kiln production lines. Staff over 5000, a elite management team of 450, 25 senior engineers, more than 220 technicians and more than 180 equipment management personnel, annual productivity is 70 million sqm. Now Hunan Xuri Ceramics Co., Ltd. is in hurry process of construction, its annual productivity is 60 million sqm. After it’s done, the total annual productivity of the enterprise is 130 million, it is so far the modern world wide famous enterprise with professional manufacture and technical research together.

A the beginning of the company, condense with strive and sweat, carrying the glory and dream, extracts the White Rabbit spirit and pursuit– Respect quality, talent, technology, market, teamwork, strive, seek mutual-win.

A the beginning of the company, facing only two kiln production lines, productivity was small, backward technology production environment, chairman Yingming Huang used his advance thinking, wise insight, seize the time of Chinese City Urbanization, regarding the quality as the commanding heights, talent as a source of power, considering technology as a breakthrough point, actively expand the market, to win the trust of customers. Constantly improve the internal management, standardized company system, made the whole company staff into one mind, one hear, merely three months, he led the failing company get out of dilemma. The enterprise experienced the growth path from small to big, from big to strong, from strong to excellent, realized the healthy and rapid development of fifteen years.

Beautiful color, moist texture, a ceramic of life, natural elegant art feeling — the pursuit of excellent quality, based on best standard of times.
Company product quality strictly implement the GB/T4100-2006 standards, and even stricter than this standard, strictly control the raw material and the accompanying materials before enter the factory, setup complete raw materials testing equipment, setup the scientific front raw material monitor system. White Rabbit’s success is dependent on the world first-class quality, continuous upgrading of product quality and art, to create more extra value for the customer.

“Give the beautiful landscape and vitality to city buildings” is the Xuri people’s pursuit, hypercritical for  “Beauty, art, 3-D dimensional, uniform, exquisite”, to create “high quality, efficient, security, service” is special profile of the White Rabbit brand products and spirit.

Xuri never stands still, shouldering the responsibility of national revitalization, leading the industry forward, setup the best standard for the industry — Having it when others don’t, having it better when others have.
Strong R & D capability is the core competitive ability for Xuri Ceramics leading the industry, company founded the provincial science and technology R & D center and supporting experimental workshops, extract 8% of the annual profit as R & D funds to purchase the equipments and pay the expenses of R & D. Created a 220 people college educated professional technical R & D team, fifteen years accumulated development of 18000 product items, total 36 series, 24 R & D patents.

Low carbon is a kind of fixed thinking, energy saving is the essential, for the future, we advocate green, establish the best standard — to beautify the environment, harmony human living.
Since 2003, a positive response to the country and government summon, to plunge into the energy-saving emission reduction work, in recent years, an investment of nearly 300 million RMB, from the “Eleventh Five Years Plan” till now, the company carried out many technological innovation for energy saving, became the only national energy conservation supervision and demonstration enterprises in Zhuhai City, each year pass through the strict examination in the provincial energy conservation supervision center with full compliance with national standards.

Success is a kind of ability, management is a kind of endowment, the responsibility is a kind of transfer — business success, achievement sharing, love employees and society, take up responsibility.
Company build up “White Rabbit Impression Gallery” showroom all over the country,  to provide high quality, reasonable price and one-stop purchase product, provide perfect service to improve the domestic and international sales network. Companies adhere to the “people-oriented” management philosophy, gathering the national talent, annual investment of 30 million RMB for the staff to keep creating a good production and living environment, for over ten years accumulated invested nearly 100 million RMB for charity — Mid Autumn Festival and Traditional Chinese New Year every year, give warm to over five thousand elders in the nearby village, supported hundreds of “White Rabbit” students, participate in earthquake relief donations,  contributions to primary and middle school with teaching facilities, sponsor of  love hospital, sponsorship of national sports events, repay society with a grateful sense of responsibility.

Facing the future, as the leader of the industry, people of Xuri adhering to the pursuit of “Model of the Industry, International Brand, Century Enterprises”, carrying the spirit and the dream of White Rabbit, accompanied by the east rising sun., ride the wind and waves, start sailing shores far away.

–Xuri Production, Pride of China


Porcelain&Ceramic Tile Like the carpet

I walked into the water and touched the cool water with my hand. I couldn’t wait to put on my swimsuit and jump into the water. I felt the feeling of walking around. At this time, I saw the mist in the mountains in the distance. Spreading…, nearby yurts above the rising plumes of smoke. Looking at this picture scroll, so I want to express my opinion: smoke like fog heaven, good mountains and good places. Once the excitement, teach me not to tell. It is “people swim in the water,” Fog floating in the water “the world fairyland ah!”


Why Choose The Ceramic Mosaic Tile

Ceramic tile has been used in the design of buildings for thousands of years. It’s an extremely durable and easy to care for product that when properly installed and maintained will last the lifetime of a building. It creates a dynamic first impression and has the ability to bring any space (indoors or out) to life with the use of colors, textures and shapes. Due to major advancements in technology, ceramic tile products are more design oriented, stronger, and more versatile than ever before. In addition to the qualities of ceramic tile listed below, consumers are choosing ceramic tile because it often fits their taste and lifestyle better than other floor and wall coverings.

Durability. Whether it’s high heels, sand or grit on the bottom of a shoe or the occasional skateboarder gliding across the floor, neither is a match for ceramic tile. Extremely scratch resistant, ceramic tile hardness is often compared to some of the hardest minerals on the planet.

Low Maintenance. Unaffected by muddy shoes, spilt sticky beverages or burning embers popping from a fireplace, Ceramic Tile is practically maintenance free. Typically, just a mild detergent and water is all that is needed to keep your tile looking new for decades.

Best Value. Because tile has almost no maintenance cost, increases the value of your home and will practically last forever, ceramic tile has the best value over all other floor covering options.   In the past decade very detailed study was conducted by an independent research organization that concluded ceramic tile has the lowest life cycle cost compared to 12 other popular floor covering products including hardwood, VCT, carpet and laminates.

Superior Design Versatility. Tile installations have the unique ability over other floor and wall covering products to be customized and unique expressions of one’s taste and lifestyle. Due to limitless patterns and a large variety of colors, textures and shapes, ceramic tile installations can be one of kind designs. Add natural stone, glass or metal to accompany your porcelain tile and the possibilities increase more.

Water Resistant. Unaffected by water, ceramic tile is the perfect choice for areas that see its fair share of splashing children, wet feet and dripping umbrellas. In addition to ceramic tile installations having the ability to be waterproof, textures can greatly increase traction thus making tile a great surface for swimming pools, locker rooms, bathrooms..etc.

Fade Resistant. Due to the use of natural minerals fired at temperatures over 2300⁰ F, ceramic tile will not fade and is not affected by UV rays. Properly maintained tile will look like new for decades.

Fire Resistant. When you install ceramic tile or natural stone you can rest assured that your loved ones are safer as these products are fire resistant.

Clean and Healthy. Because ceramic tile is fired in kilns of 2300⁰+ there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present. VOCs contribute to a wide variety of health issues and are often the cause of “sick building syndrome”. There are “zero” VOCs in ceramic tile where some wood, carpet and vinyl floors contain low VOCs.

Ceramic tile is also hypoallergenic and unlivable for bacteria, germs, mold and mites. This is good news for people with allergies and asthma.QQ浏览器截图20180209193714



6738435 - master bath in new construction home with glass shower

Let’s be honest, bathrooms take up a lot of our days. From getting ready in the morning to restroom breaks at work, we see a lot of bathrooms in our lifetime. That is why you should invest in your home’s bathrooms, especially the master bath. To get started on your dream master bath, we have created a simple guide to inspire you:


  1. Understand Your Bathroom’s Layout. If you are remodeling your current bathroom, you will most likely have to work around wherever the plumbing drains and water lines are. If you are starting from scratch, you will want to determine the most functional, cost-efficient layout for your home. Either way, your contractor will be a huge help in this department. Ask for their advice and tips on your space! They will most likely be more than willing to share their expertise and help you create the best master bathroom.
  2. Always Remember Storage. There is nothing quite as frustrating as having a bathroom with little to no storage. In all aspects of your bathroom, you will want to remember storage. When you are choosing a sink, consider the amount of storage it offers. If you choose to do something like a pedestal sink, you will need to find storage elsewhere in your bathroom. No matter what you are planning, make sure you are constantly thinking about the amount of storage you will have. This will help you in the future, we promise.
  3. Incorporate Quality Lighting. The lighting in your bathroom can make or break the functionality of the space. You want a good amount of natural lighting coming into your space. Ask your contractor if you could add a window or skylight to have some natural light in your master bathroom. Also, you want to make sure that the lighting above your mirror is bright and effective. You will also want to make sure that it works well at night.
  4. Invest in Your Shower or Bathtub. We encourage saving up for a quality shower or bathtub for your master bathroom. You want the space to feel luxurious and a quality shower will be just thing you need. With a variety of options available, you can practically customize a shower to your preferences.