porcelain ceramic mosaic

Reveal the metallic texture and aura


Three Thousand years ago , I coming

Three hundred years ago, I coming

Thirty years ago, I coming

Three years ago, I coming

Three month ago,I coming

Three days ago, I coming

Now I come

porcelain ceramic mosaic

The First Bicyle


The bicycle is still a popular way to get around and has existed for so long that the actual inventor is unknown.  Bicycles dated back to the early 1800s but did not become popular until later in that century.  In France in 1819, Charles Baron von Draid improved an already existing transportation method that consisted of a front wheel that which could be steered.  He added a padded saddle, and a body rest in the front that allowed the invention to move easier.  He called this invention the “velocipede,” which stuck until the late nineteenth century when the bicycle was officially created. Eventually, in 1863, pedals were added to this invention, moving it towards the bicycle known today.  A few years later, the velocipede’s popularity moved across the Atlantic to the United States but ended a short time later as a result of restrictions imposed due to the difficulty of riding one. In 1871, James Starley set out to make riding easier, and created a high-wheeled bicycle with wire spokes, which was called an “ordinary.” Although his creation was popular, it was also dangerous, and people easily flew over the handlebars.  Efforts to improve this design were made, wheels became smaller, and then both wheels were made the same size.  A chain was added for control, and brakes eventually became part of the bicycle in the 1890s, leading to the modern incarnation still in use today.