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purely electric seven-seater SUV.650 horsepower 840bcm


It is a purely electric seven-seater SUV.650 horsepower 840bcm, with a 100-kilometer acceleration of 4.4 seconds, equivalent to the 2016 Carrera Porsche 911m supercar.
Its braking distance, from 100 to 0 per hour, is only 33.8m, and the detonation of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo is 36.9 mm. its ability to continue to compete with conventional fuel is 350-500 kilometers.
It has an all-aluminum frame, a full air suspension, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 5 millimeter-wave radar, 4 surround cameras, and 1 driving condition monitoring camera.
Its price is even more groundbreaking: if you choose to rent batteries, plus various subsidies, only more than 200, 000!!!
The key information points released at the press conference are like a big bomb, which directly awakens the traditional car industry from its dream, and undoubtedly, it will also spread to the gas station industry!!!


This time several of the big guys’ joint announcement, will let those hundreds of years unchanged gas station, than the traditional auto industry even more nervous, caught unprepared!!!
In the past, when we talked about new energy cars, people always asked what to do when there was no electricity on the way, what about long distances, and every time we went to a service area, we had to spend a few hours to recharge it?
Tell you this time: no! The concerns of the past can be addressed!
Pony Ma’s car, which they jointly charged for 10 minutes, lasted 100 kilometers for 1 hours, and was full of 80 cents. If you don’t want to fill up the battery for 3 minutes, finish the extremely fast battery change.

Somebody wants to ask, where to change?
The country has announced that by 2020, 1100 replacement plants will be deployed in major cities across the country, and that in Beijing, the density of filling stations will exceed that of gas stations. There will also be 1100 mobile super fast charging vehicles, which will be able to go wherever the fuel cars can go.
When an electric vehicle has a mileage longer than the conventional car full of a tank of oil, and an electric vehicle changes batteries faster than the conventional car can refuel,
Well, a gas station that hasn’t changed for hundreds of years is really dangerous!