porcelain ceramic mosaic

Why Choose Us


Xuri Ceramics Co.,LTD established in 1999 by Xuri Group,A local group well known in the building products industry. Operators of BAITU brand leader. The Group has invested substantially in Xuri Ceramics’s success.
BAITU mosaic feature in interior region’s most prestigious developments. From Lowes in U.S.A to HD decorative mall in U.S.A. BAITU is a OEM brand sought by the world’s famous architects and builders.
Combining Italy Expertise with Chinese raw materials and manufacturing capabilities.
Xuri Ceracmics has produced a premium homogenous ceramic mosaic product suitable for the growing Chinese and World markets.
The “state of the art” manufacturing plant located in Zhuhai, Near Macau and Near Hongkong also. Chinese has been established by the same ceramic technian who had created BAITU.
In FOSHAN and in partnership with worldwide sales and management teams. The facility has been built using the latest advances in technology and expertise from as far afield as Italy and of course, China. The production team has been trained both in China and Italy to ensure the quality of all BAITU porcelain mosaic produced meet International and China standards.
The BAITU porcelain mosaic range offers specifiers colours accross three finishes and surfaces treatments and is particularly well known for its premium quality glossy mosaic ranges. Spanning residential,commercial and industrial applications,BAITU? provides architects and extensive slection of hard wearing,homogenous porcelain mosaic for any projects and all conditions.The BAITU range is supported by accessory steptreads,cover mosaic and decorative tessellations and mosics.
The outstanding quality of the Chinese product has resulted in Xuri Ceramics being awarded ISO9002 accreditation for glossy mosaic for the BAITU porcelain mosaic range.