porcelain ceramic mosaic


With a total of 8 people living in this house, the space program needed is quite dense if compared with the total area available. Thus, to optimize the use of space, the mass is halved, and the rooms are placed on both sides. The middle area is transformed to a horizontal and vertical circulation corridor; that way, the area on both sides can be maximized as rooms. The central corridor is paired with a long void that literally splits the mass of the building. Then, a glass roof is placed on top of it as a skylight which serves to draw the light up to the ground floor. This is done to channel the light throughout the room from morning to late afternoon. Air outlets are placed below the glass roof to draw the warm air out of the building and trigger the cross-ventilation. An arising consequence from using a long void, which serves as the light source of this building, is that every short bridge which connects the two masses has to use laminated glass material consistently to allow the light entering this building to reach the ground floor.

porcelain ceramic mosaic

Please make use your time.

In order to get the highest return on your investment, you should use your time wisely. The biggest selling point of the White Rabbit floor tile is that you get all this extra time to do what you want instead of having the floor tile.

Obviously what you do with this extra time is based entirely on your opinion and won’t be the same for everyone. Whether it be catching up on work, taking time with your family, watching Game of Thrones or relaxing, please make sure it’s something that is more worthwhile than the tile.

I know I have joked around a few times in some of my reviews saying that you can fine different feeling and watch TV in the house of the tile used. With all the extra free time, you can do whatever you want, without pressure.