Why Choose Us

1999 Build Zhuhai Doumen JIANHONG Ceramics Co.,LTD.(First Manufacturer)
2001 Build Zhuhai Doumen Xuri Ceramics Co.,LTD(Second Manufacturer)
2003 Build Jiangmen Xuri Ceramics Co.,LTD
2004 Build Zhuhai Baitu Ceramics Co.,LTD
2001 Win ” Satisfied product of user of Guangdong”
2002 Win “Satisfied enterprise of user of Guangdong“
2002 Win “Certificate of Compliance of Radioactive Substances”
2003 Win “Satisfied product of user of China”
2003 Win “High-level surface design of ceramic”
2003 Win “SGS construction certification”
2003 Win” The welcome brand of real estate enterprise”
2004  Through “ISO9001:2000 International quality certification”
2004  Through 3C certification of China government.
2004 Win “High-level surface design of ceramic”
2004 Win “AAA certification of the quality of construction”
2005 Win ”Recommend the construction materials of Guangzhou”
2005 Win” Famous brand of Guangdong province”
2005 Win”Vice-chairman of Association of ceramic”
2006 Through “Certification of ISO14001:2004″
2006 Win “Famous Brand ceramic of construction”
2007 Win “Most influential innovative enterprises of China”
2008 Win “AAA enterprise of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association”
2008 Win “Vice-Chairman of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association”